Episode 26

Published on:

16th Jun 2021

E26 Perspectives Part II

Episode 26 continues the discussion on perspectives that started in Episode 25. Our hosts Luciano Cedrone and Brian Claman underline the importance of perspective and the role it plays in daily life and have some serious concerns about politics and politicians use of perspective to play a dangerous game of pandering to divisive issues for the sake of getting votes.

In this episode our hosts express their views on the impact such empty gestures have on the very fabric of our society; intentionally creating the wrongful perception that Canada is amongst the most dangerous countries to live in when it is certainly amongst the most diverse and best places to live in.

Our hosts also introduce the concept of Red Teaming to help business leaders and security professionals "see things from other side" to help make better decisions that account for other people's perspectives.

Have a listen and let us know what your perspective is on the topic!

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